Past Places of Hook Ups and many a Happy Time.

by Rockhead on March 22, 2008

Stroll down memory lane with what started out as a simple email and soon has grown into an expansive and impressive list of bars, clubs and venues which have closed their doors or reinvented themselves. Don’t ask someone to meet you here for a drink, because these places are gone baby gone.

Nickel’s Alley – Paramus, NJ (now El Cid, a Spanish restaurant)
• Bumper’s – Clifton, (part of a hotel on Rt. 3) NJ (now a Red Robin)
• Wreckroom – Wallington, NJ – (building still empty & dormant)
• A’s Cafe – Bergenfield, NJ – Now a Filipino restaurant
• Mother’s – Wayne, NJ – (whole building gone)
• J Mallory’s – Closter, NJ (now a store, but that’s even now closing)
• Ruin’s – Lodi, NJ – (closed for years, later Pizzeria/Italian restaurant, building now empty & dormant)
• Bizarre Bar – Lodi, NJ – (now an Indian restaurant)
• Tequila Joe’s (nee Studio One) – North Newark, NJ (I now hear it’s a church)
• Wally’s – Bergenfield, NJ (now a Latino dance-club)
• Park Ave Bar & Grille – Rutherford, NJ
• Shark Bar at Double D’s – Morristown, NJ (I understand that’s closed or changed to something else)
• Kelly’s Pub – Tappan, NY (a little hole in the wall near where I live, it had bands, and some of notoriety, now closed and building shut dark)
• Geronimo’s – Teaneck, NJ (shut down)
• Connections – Clifton, NJ (shut down and don’t know what’s taking it’s place)
• Soundgarden (Centerstage) – Lodi, NJ (not closed but has a different direction, I understand, from the past)
• Aldo’s – Lyndhurst, NJ – (Lost to a tragic fire, and it was a vacant lot when I last seen past by the site)
• Birch Hill – Old Bridge, NJ
• Bojangles – Wayne, NJ (I’ve never been there, but I understand that it’s a restaurant of sorts now)
• NJ Roxx (I’m not certain of the name, but it was a short-lived club on Liberty St. in Little Ferry, NJ)
• The silver Lining – Clifton, NJ (I’ll never forget the misspelled banner, “THE SILVER LINNING”)
• The Cricket club – Irvington, NJ (I never been there, and it was in a rough neighborhood like Studio One/Tequila Joe’s)
• Ramapo Valley Brewery – Suffern, NY (a room with a microbrewery)
• Packee’s – Edison area, NJ (I was never there either)
• Mouse Trap – Rochelle Park, NJ (Building gone; now a CVS)
• Gleason’s – Saddle Brook, NJ (Building Gone, a state-of-the-art Police Station stands there now, I believe)
• Tradewinds – NJ shore point (I don’t remember which), and I was only there once.
• World Stage (later Rage) – Spring Valley, NY – (this was a converted movie theater and you had to go through a rough Spring Valley neighborhood to get there.)
• Woody’s – Clifton (Botany Village), NJ
• Chaplin’s – Bergenfield, NJ (a short lived club in the mid 90s, just up the block and across the road from the former Wally’s, same place which was once Circus Circus – see below).
• Rosie’s – Little Ferry, NJ
• Jimmy Reid’s – Ramsey, NJ (whole building is gone, a TGI Friday’s now stands on the site)
• Chatfield’s – Park Ridge, NJ (located in the Park Ridge Mariott hotel)
• Casey’s – Clifton, NJ (not to be confused with Casey O’Tooles – now Fat Daddy’s) Asylum Wednesday nights. Back Story: Joey’s Of Clifton (now Bliss) now occupies this space; when Casey’s ended, Joey’s moved from Van Houten Ave. (a Charlie Brown’s restaurant is now at that site) and took over the Casey’s site.
• Pipeline – Newark, NJ (near the old Tequila Joe’s/Studio One site)
• Mai Place – Nyack, NY
• Cadillac Jack’s – Blauvelt, NY
• Chubby McGuire’s (nee Orangeburg Pub) – Orangeburg, NY (This is shut and vacant)
• Tappan Pub Live (additional room of the Tappan Pub – Tappan, NY (an additional room next to a sports bar, being reconstructed)
• The Hop – Totowa NJ (also one was in Parsippany, NJ, I don’t know if it’s still open or not)
• The Forum (Champions? I believe before that) – Rochelle Park (Ramada Inn near Austin’s Junkyard), NJ
• Mingles – Sayerville?, NJ (It burned down)
• Fountain Casino – Aberdeen, NJ
• Escapades – Jersey City, NJ(not sure if this was mentioned)
• Obsessions – Randolph, NJ(I understand its closed, could be wrong on this one)
• Carolyn’s – Cliffside Park, NJ
• Jacqui Coopers – Cliffside Park, NJ
• The Fort Lee Saloon – Fort Lee, NJ
• Tropics – Ridgefield, NJ
• The Hanger (later Studio 4) – Fort Lee, NJ
• Ronnie’s Run – Englewood Cliffs, NJ
• Safari Lounge (nee Blue Zoo) – Fort Lee, NJ
• Trump’s – Wayne, NJ (now Lace, a gentlemens’ club)
• Miracles – Nanuet, NY (now Stiletto’s, a gentlemens’ club)

* another club that seemed to close and later reopen or rise from the ashes is the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ

*One could possibly count Suntan Lake which was located in Riverdale, NJ as a venue, fur they had outstanding and memorable outdoor, Summertime concerts, but alas, Suntan Lake closed in 1996 to make room for a strip-mall.
Dexter’s is located near the old Suntan Lake site, which makes up for some of Suntan’s past, and also compensates for Mother’s and the Wreckroom.

From Older Day’s:
• Kandy Bar Rock Cafe – Lodi, NJ (now the famous Satin Dolls a.k.a. Bada Bing gentlemans’ club)
• Risky Business Cafe – Garfield, NJ
• The Rock Quarry – Fairview, NJ
• Dillinger’s – Palisades Park, NY (started life as a bank)
• Wild Mike’s – Maywood, NJ (some of the staff of the Kandy Bar would up here, then later at Ruin’s. A Boston Market now takes it’s place)
• Dancin’/Dancin Rocks (nee the Soap Factory) – Palisades Park, NJ (now a Korean club – this also had a sports bar & Go Go bar within, too)
• China Club – Hillsdale, NJ
• Club Bene – Sayerville area, NJ (I believe this is no more)
• Circus Circus (later The Circus) – Bergenfield, NJ (same site as Chaplin’s in the 90s – see above)
• A Hole in the Wall – Rt. 17 Rochelle, Park, NJ (I never been in it but been past it, The Outback is now the site)
• Charlie A’s Steak Pub – Tappan, NY (now a family restaurant)
• Annie A’s (later Company B’s) – Orangeburg, NY – this building is gone which is a waste being it was only built in the 80s, a Lowe’s now stands on the site. (Not to be confused with the old Company B’s in Ramsey, NJ, which is now Pub 17)
• Cuckoo’s Nest – West Nyack area, NY (later a used car annex of Lincoln-Mercury, now a vacant building)
• Maximus – New City, NY
• Orbit Inn – Cresskill, NJ – (was huge with two stages, now a catering/banquet hall)
• On Broadway – Westwood, NJ (later Vinny O’s, not sure what is there now)
• The Dirt Club – Bloomfield, NJ (I never been to this one either)
• Capitol Theater – Passaic, NJ (worth a mention for the big names that have graced it, I’ve been past it but never inside it)
• The Meadowbrook – Cedar Grove, NJ
• Towpath – West Paterson, NJ
• Checkers – Paramus, NJ (part of a hotel which changed names, just north of Paramus Park Mall)
• TJ’s (later went by other names such as Stooge’s, as well as different owner’s) – Pearl River, NY
• Illiad/Oddessy – Northvale, NJ (a very short lived place; the Iliad was the restaurant part upstairs and the Oddessy was the DJed Dance club downstairs)
• Oval Bar – Dumont, NJ
• The Midway (I believe that was the name of it) Bergenfield/Dumont border, NJ (whole building is gone)

New York/Long Island clubs:
• Speaks/Industries – Island Park, NY (was also dance club and had bands, too, now a vacant lot with a pile of rubble)
• The Dublin Pub – New Hyde Park, NY (a famous, legendary hot-spot since the late 60s)
• OBI-east (Ocean Beach Inn) – Jones Beach area, NY
• Long Island Brewing Company (L.I.B.C.) – Nassau Co. (I don’t recall the city), Long, Island, NY – This place had bands. A Japanese restaurant now occupies the site.
• Malibu’s – Lido Beach, Long Island, NY
• The Factory – Staten Island, NY
• Rock Palace/Billy O’s – Staten Island, NY (became a bar called Bridges not sure what it is now)
• Red Spot – Staten Island, NY (its now a fruit market)
• Onstage/Park Villa – Staten Island, NY (now a church)
• Paramount Theatre – Staten Island, NY (building has been vacant the last 20 plus years)
* At least L’Amour’s once of Brooklyn, NY fame has recently reopened in Staten Island, NY.

NYC past clubs:
• Scrap Bar
• Bond Street Cafe
• Pitstop (a hole in the wall which had a rockin’ crowd)
• CBGBs (A legend, but I have never been there, believe it or not!)
• Kat Club
• The Limelight (It happened with rock and bands on Sunday’s, like the China Club in Hillsdale)
• Peppermint Lounge

I hope you’ve all enjoyed looking at this list, and it may have brought you down memory lane! This can also give you a bitter-sweet feeling, too. Thanks Michael D for compiling this.

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george February 15, 2008 at 6:47 pm

Ah the interlude one of the first bars I ever went to, right down the road from the coo koo’s nest..Newly added…
The Interlude – Rt. 303 Blauvelt, NY (now Kahn’s Asian restaurant)
• Smiles (later Casey’s – not to be confused with establishments one time in Clifton and Wayne – then Shaker’s – not to be confused with a gentleman’s bar in the Carlstadt – then Pulsations – an alternative lifestyle club; not that there’s anything wrong with that) – Orangeburg, NY (now an Indian restaurant)
• The Rec (could be a nickname) Closter, NJ (a one time local hole in the wall that had a small bowling alley within)
• Henley’s – New Milford, NJ
• Finn McCool’s – Tappan, NY (and old neighborhood place that recently closed)

That’s it for now, there could be more later on.


Rockland Realtor February 20, 2008 at 8:29 am

Hi, has anyone been to Bunbury’s Coffee Shop in Piermont? Why isn’t it listed on the Piermont places to eat? They have Fair Trade, shade grown coffee and home baked muffins and tons of other yummy stuff – plus home made soups and sandwiches. It’s on the main street. You should visit – It’s what Starbucks wants to be!!!

redrailer March 12, 2008 at 7:45 pm

Hearing about the Interlude brought back many good memories shared there. What about the best place ever for music in Rockland the RED RAIL there will never be another like it . RIP. also the OFFICE in NYACK, the original Old Fashion and Duvoney’s Cafe in Valley Cottage. All were my hangouts in the 70,s and 80′s. Good times and many friends some gone. I hope others remember out there.

redrailer March 12, 2008 at 8:04 pm

I forgot the best afterhours place Eastwicks in Nyack . Kenny S.

george March 12, 2008 at 8:34 pm

Before it was Finn McCool’s, it was Sullivan’s.
There 4th of July party’s were the best and they were always featured in Dublin as the US bar to celebrate St Patricks Day. Mr and Mrs Sullivan were like saints to all patrons and membrs of the community. Imagine that…

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