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In this section of we are going to feature new musicians, venues and proponents of music in Rockland County. Rockland, has always been a great supporter of the performing arts and music in Rockland is thriving like never before. From contemporary bands to classical and chamber orchestras, musicians of every caliber are being fostered and supported by Rockland performance spaces, schools and the general public.

Musicians, myself included, are fostered to love music and performance from a very young age in Rockland County. Musicians travel here from all over to perform at schools, and venues such as the Turning Point in Piermont (where I have seen many a band play).

Although New York City is famous for its creativity and harboring of many famous musicians the public underestimates the cultural significance of beautiful river towns such as Nyack, Piermont and Haverstraw. Their beauty goes far beyond a New York suburb to penetrate the arts, fine dining, music, history and much more.


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Local Stony Point musician, Jaclyn Falk is currently working on her 3rd self-released album, “Downs and Ups.”

Bio: After a few years of playing bass in former ska band, Outside IN, Jaclyn Falk found herself alone in Plattsburgh NY with an acoustic guitar. While her band mates were miles away, her need for a musical outlet was oh so close, and oh so strong. So she did what anyone would do, write!

Fast forward through basements, cafes, stages, stores and 3 full length albums and you’ll still find Jaclyn and that big ol’ acoustic guitar singing out to audiences all over the country.

Driven by the belief that change is possible, Jaclyn uses her voice/music to educate and motivate others.

What does it sound like? the music…come out to a show, or be a hermit and check out the music online. Define it for yourself, if you are the defining type!Help support local music and independent artists.

Upcoming Events:
11.18.11 – Nyack, NY
Nyack Village Theatre
All We Got! Open Mic Night Host

12/1511 – NYC, NY
Sidewalk Cafe

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