Fun things to do in Rockland

by george on July 27, 2010

With the weather finally behaving, its time to get out and enjoy what Rockland offers.

Lets start in Tappan, NY where the DeWindt House has been holding fort since pre-revolutionary war days and kids can learn a bit of history about this great country we live in and the area we call home. Down the street you can see where history unfolded with the 76 House Tavern- the tavern where Major John Andre was held during his trial for treason. Also makes for a great lunch or dinner stop along the way, located right in town center. There is a historical cemetery located just across the street where late 17th and early 18th century tombstones are the norm. Just up the road is a newcomer to Tappan- Morgan’s. Where Tavernkeeper- Steve Morgan will treat you like gold and a long lost relative from the very moment you arrive. further up the road lies Major John Andre’s (Benedict Arnold’s co-conspirator) spot of execution on Andre Hill.

To the east of Tappan is Sparkill, NY. A small quaint town where Woody’s Bar and Grill rules and never disappoints with great food and friendly tenders Jerry and Paul.  Sparkill is just south of Piermont, NY. This trendy river town was the place where most of the troops involved with the D-Day invasion left from it’s mile long pier for Europe. Today super tasty restaurants line the street and all the good looking people like to congregate. Its all there in Piermont, Food, Bars and great live music can be found at The Turning Point. On the weekends, its cyclists heaven as riders starting in NYC make there way through town to Hook Mountain and back to NYC, most before you and I are even awake.

Speaking of Hook Mountain, at one point the ice collected at Rockland Lake- which sits atop of the Hook was launched down its side into waiting steam ships bound for NYC apartment buildings- which by the way a large portion of which were built with bricks made from clay harvested in Haverstraw Bay, NY.

While in Haverstraw,take a short hike up to Little Tor for amazing views of the River and Valley to the West. From here you can pick up The Long Path hiking trail which leads through Harriman State Park and onto the Apalachian Trail.  Yes, Rockland is a great place to live and even better place to get out and enjoy. So do it and bring a friend!

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